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Drone Survey & Aerial Survey Case Studies


Our loss adjuster client needed to assess damage to a church spire following high winds


Our client needed to work out the volume of a lake on behalf of the Environment Agency

aerial survey chimney survey

Siemens Roof Condition Survey

The client needed to assess the condition of a roof at their warehouse and requested an aerial inspection..Read more

aerial survey national telecoms provider

Roof Condition Survey

We were asked to provide a condition survey report on health and safety findings on the roof of two tower blocks..Read more

aerial survey tower survey

Tower Survey

Aerial survey to monitor the movement of the brickwork as well as the condition of the timber purlin embedded within the gable wall..Read more

aerial survey chimney survey

Chimney Survey

The client wanted an aerial condition survey of the chimney. This was completed via the use of a telescopic mast..Read more

aerial survey high level inspection

High Level Inspection

Sky Revolutions used a high resolution camera to complete the job and capture every possible detail of the gutter..Read more

aerial survey Veolia

Veolia Roof Survey

Aerial survey to provide aerial images of the roof to identify and leaks or defects..Click here to

aerial survey kings school roof survey

Roof Inspection

The Kings School ask us to provide a roof inspection of Kings School in order to assess the condition of the roof..Read more

aerial survey condition survey

Condition Survey

Sky Revolutions were required to complete a building condition survey of the facade of 17 shops..Read more

aerial survey motorway bridge

Telescopic Mast Survey

The client wanted an aerial survey to inspect the structural underside of a motorway bridge..Read more

aerial survey edgbaston cricket stadium

Aerial Survey

Aerial survey to provide aerial images for use by the surveyor for inspecting the roof condition..Read more

aerial survey roof survey

Roof Survey

Condition and roof survey to ensure the clock tower and associated details were not in poor condition or had any structural issues..Read more

Sky Revolutions

Nottingham Aerial Drone Survey

Drone survey completed with an aerial survey of the site, including the castle and grounds.

Volumetric Survey

Stockpile Volumetric Survey

At Sky Revolutions, we fly high resolution sensors at optimum height above ground to generate the most accurate data achievable..Read more

aerial survey roof survey

Aerial Condition Survey

Tata Steel required a photographic condition survey on all air conditioning units..Click here to Read more

aerial survey thermal survey

Thermal Survey

Workplace Property Ltd required a thermal survey of the site to identify the location of a water leak underground..Read more

aerial survey roof condition survey

Roof Condition Survey

To provide aerial images for inspection by Sky Revolutions and the clients' surveyor to ascertain the condition of the roof..Read more