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Aerial Photography

We offer bespoke drone photography packages for customers across a range of sectors.

Drone aerial photography is much more affordable than hiring a helicopter or plane to carry out the work and it can be deployed much more quickly. The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can also capture footage that would be inaccessible for a photographer using a helicopter or a mast camera as it can fly in any direction and get much closer to the action.

Our drone features a video downlink which allows you to see through the eyes of the drone in real time, to make sure you get the final shots you need.

Our aerial photography pilots use the latest technology to ensure clear, professional final shots and our drone captures high resolution images suitable for high quality print.

We can also provide stills taken from filmed footage to be used on the web or where print resolution is not required.

To discuss your aerial photography requirements, please visit our contact page.

View our aerial photography case studies.


Drone Aerial Photography Services: