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Aerial Filming

Sky Revolutions offers professional aerial filming using state-of-the-art UASs (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).

An affordable alternative to helicopters and planes, our UAS captures ultra-high quality 4K resolution aerial footage using gimble-mounted cameras for total stability without manual correction.

They are also quicker to deploy than helicopters and planes and can work in smaller spaces allowing you to get closer to the subject.

All footage can be viewed on the ground in real time using a video downlink, giving you full creative control over angles and framing during filming.

Sky Revolutions' pilots have extensive experience in aerial filming and hold a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permit for aerial work.

To discuss your aerial filming requirements, please visit our contact page.

View our aerial filming case studies.

Aerial filming services:

  • Enhance property listings with 360 degree video
  • Aerial views of pylon or cable routes for utilities
  • Scout utility and infrastructure routes for construction
  • Monitoring livestock movements and crop rotation
  • Damage assessment footage for insurance claims